How to Unit Test Knockout.js Components?

The latest version of Knockout.js, version 3.2, has a new functionality: the ability to define and/or load components. Each component is defined with a viewModel and a html template. This means you can make your code even more modular. »

Photos From New York

A while ago I made a JavaScript command prompt which resembled a linux shell. Today I upgraded it's photos app to dynamically load images. »

Super Mario in New York

Here is a little something I made from a photo I took on my latest trip to NYC. »

Confidence Man (Jeff Healey Cover)

I stumbled upon an old recording I made with my old phone. It's a cover of a song by Jeff Healey, Confidence Man. Don't mind my bad singing! »

Beef Stew Recipe

I made a beef stew today. I didn't expect it would turn out to be so delicious. Take a look a the photos below. »