Summer on Silba

Having a great time on Silba, Croatia. »

Remote Control Server

I currently use an Intel NUC PC running Linux connected to my TV as the main source of entertainment. At first I used a wireless keyboard, but as time passed I've found having to fetch the keyboard every time was a hassle so I wanted to change som... »


A lot has changed in my life since my last post. I changed jobs, switched continents, found a nice apartment with my girlfriend and have been enjoying life in New York. »

Jerko Steiner Jerko Steiner on changes

Guitar Overdrive Styler

A friend of mine built a versatile guitar pedal to be used for styling the sound of overdrive pedals and/or tube amplifiers. It can also be used as a booster or an equalizer. »

Classic Rock Guitar Solo

Here is a little something I played sometime around last Christmas. Sound quality is poor because it was recorded by a laptop mic. »